December 2023: Lab dinner


August 2022: Welcome to the lab Karla and Angela!

May 2022: Tasha and Fabi Successfully defend their Master’s Thesis! Congrats you two!

June 2021: Vanessa and Juan successfully defend their Master’s Thesis!  Taylor successfully defended his thesis! Taylor will be working at Facebook. Congratulations Taylor!

August 2020: Fabi De Lima and Tasha Corley join the las as first-year graduate students. Welcome! Tasha joins us from North Carolina and Fabi joins us from California.


October 2019: Taylor and Haemi traveled to Vancouver, BC to participate in a three-day conference to support the Engendering Success in STEM Grant. Here they are on the Capilano Suspension Bridge – a bridge famously used in a classic social psychology study on attributions in attraction. They promise the bridge is way higher than it looks

July 2019:  Vanessa Ivy and Juan Pablo Ospina join the lab as first-year graduate students. Juan was most recently a Research Coordinator at Stanford University and Vanessa just graduated from Whitworth University with degrees in Psychology and Mathematics. Welcome new friends!

June 2019:  Stephanie and Matt successfully defend their dissertations! Matt will be working at The Ohio State University College of Medicine as a Research Coordinator and Stephanie will be headed to Indiana University to complete an NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship with Mary Murphy. We will miss you both!


May 2018:  Taylor successfully defends his masters thesis entitled “Do Whites perceive multiculturalism as a social identity contingency?”  Way to go, Taylor!

April 2018:  Jane publishes a paper entitled “Effortful experiences of self-control foster lay beliefs that self-control is limited” in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.  Congrats, Jane!


August 2017: Brady joins the Spencer Lab as a first-year graduate student in the social psychology program after completing his undergraduate work at Southeastern Missouri State University. Welcome Brady!

June 2017: Steve, Stephanie, and Taylor launch an intervention in Toronto that aims to increase middle school girls’ interest in STEM fields and decrease boys’ stereotypes surrounding women in STEM. This project is part of a collaboration with Hilary Bergsieker and Steve Wright – go team!

October 2017: Stephanie successfully defends her masters and passes the Social Area’s candidacy exam, officially becoming a Ph.D. candidate. Congratulations Stephanie!

January 2017: Stephanie gives her talk “When empathy backfires: How (not) to engender respect in intergroup relations” at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology Conference in San Antonio, TX. Way to go Stephanie!


August 2016: Steve, Jane, Matt, and Stephanie become Buckeyes as the Self, Stereotypes, and Social Norms Lab moves to The Ohio State University, where Steve has accepted a position as the Robert K. and Dale J. Weary Chair in Social Psychology. Go Bucks!