Juan Pablo Ospina

Hi! I’m a fourth-year graduate student in the social psychology program working with Drs. Steven Spencer and Jennifer Crocker. I’m originally from Medellín, Colombia. I received my B.S. in Psychology from Florida State University in 2016. Afterwards, I joined the Dweck-Walton lab where I worked with Drs. Gregory Walton and Shannon Brady for almost three years where I developed a passion for psychological interventions and data analysis in R.

My research focus on interpersonal relationships and how these can influence our lives in positive or negative ways. For example, I’m interested in how our prosocial intentions to support the well-being of others as well as ourselves could influence support for redistributive policies that have the potential to reduce socio-economic inequalities above and beyond our levels of compassion or empathy, intergroup factors, or our political ideologies. In another line of research, we are understanding how different types of leaders can influence the workplace experience of employees. For example, authoritarian leaders tend to reduce the sense of belonging of employees, make them feel less authentic and more prone to cheat in the company, and even make employees more prone to agree with misinformation than autonomous leaders.”

Email: ospina.10@osu.edu

CV: Ospina CV