Past Programs & Schedules

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Past Papers are available here.

2021-2023 Program: “Crisis, Uncertainty, and History: Trajectories and Experiences of Accelerated Change”
Program Info and Schedule

2019-2022 Program: “1619 and Beyond: Explorations in Atlantic Slavery and its American Legacy”
Program Info and Schedule

2019-2021 Program: “Democracy in a Time of Change and Challenges”
Program Info and Schedule

2017-2019 Program: “You Say You Want a Revolution: Revolutions in Historical Perspective”
Program    2017-2018 Schedule    2018-2019 Schedule

2015-2017 Program: “Family, Kinship and Household: New Perspectives”
Program    2015-2016 Schedule    2016-2017 Schedule

2013-2015 Program: “State Formations: Histories and Cultures of Statehood”
Program    2013-2014 Schedule    2014-2015 Schedule

2011-2013 Program: “Health, Disease, and Environment in World History”
Program    2011-2012 Schedule    2012-2013 Schedule

2009-2011 Program: “The Intersection of Diaspora, Immigration and Gender In World History”
Program    2009-2010 Schedule    2010-2011 Schedule

2008-2009 Program: “Crossroads of Globalization”
Program    2008-2009 Schedule

2007-2008 Program: “Crossroads of Globalization”
Program    2007-2008 Schedule