2007-2008 Schedule


Jane Mangan, Davidson College, “World-Famous and a World Unto Itself: Integrating the Local and Global Significance of Potosí in Early Modern History” — October 5
Catherine Julien, Western Michigan University, “Spanish Reform and Change in the Potosí Hinterland” — October 12

Ana Maria Presta, University of Buenos Aires (CHR Senior Fellow), “The First Jewel in the Crown of the Southern Andies: Discovery and Exploitation of Porco, 1538-1576” —  October 12


Neil Norman, University of Virginia, “Ouidah Town and Country:  The Urbanization and Ruralization of an Emerging African Atlantic Entrepôt.” (CHR Dissertation Fellow) — Nov. 9
Robin Law, University of Stirling,”‘A Crossroads of Cultural Microcosms’: Ouidah as a Multi-Ethnic Community” — November 16

Charles Town

Alan Gallay, The Ohio State University, “Charles Town and the Atlantic World” — April 18

Robbie Ethridge, University of Mississippi, “Mapping the Mississippian Shatter Zone:  The European Invasion and Regional Instability in the American South.” — April 18


Brett Rushforth, Brigham Young University, “‘To Make a New World’: France, New France, and the Rise of Modern Imperialism” — May 9

Kenneth Banks, University of Ottawa, “A Little Versailles in the Wilderness: Quebec, and the Aesthetics of Royal Power, 1670-1760”
— May 16

Robert Duplessis, Swarthmore College, “Hotspots and Hinterlands: Socio-Cultural Impacts of Textiles Across the Atlantic.” — May 16