2009-2010 Schedule

Spring 2010 Schedule

April 2, Nancy van Deusen, Queens University, “The Real and Imagined Migrations of Indigenous Slave Litigants, 1530-1570.”

April 16,  Kerry Ward, Rice University, “Networks of Empire: The Dutch East India Company as an Imperial Diaspora.”

April 23, André Wink, University of Wisconsin, “Early Modern South Asia and the Closing of the Nomadic Frontier.”

April 30, Hillel Eyal, CHR Fellow, “Transatlantic Migration and Kinship in the Spanish Empire: Did Family Networks Matter?”

May 14, Catia Brilli, CHR Fellow, “In the Shadow of Empire: Genoese Trader Migration in Cadiz and Buenos Aires (c.1740-1830).”

May 21, Juliet Shields, CHR Fellow, “Welsh Indians in Kentucky: Westward Migration and British Identity in the 1790s.” 


Autumn 2009 Schedule

Oct. 9
Erich Gruen, University of California, Berkeley, “The Diaspora and the ‘Assimilated’ Jew.”

Oct. 30
Peter S. Wells, University of Minnesota, “Migrations and Identity in Iron Age and Medieval Europe.”

Nov. 13
Michael Kulikowski, University of Tennessee, “Post-Roman, Postcolonial:  Postcolonial and Diaspora Theory in Late Roman and Early Medieval History.”

Nov. 20
Scott Levi, The Ohio State University, “Hindus Beyond the Hindu Kush: The Indian Communities in Central Asia and Beyond.”

Dec. 4
Sandra Greene, Cornell University, “To Stay or Go:  The Gendered Decisions of the Formerly Enslaved of West Africa after the Abolition of Slavery and the Slave Trade.”