2018-2019 Schedule

All 2018-2019 CHR lectures and seminars will meet from 3:00-4:30 p.m. unless otherwise specified.

Fri., Sept. 28, Wang Zheng, University of Michigan, “A Socialist Feminist Revolution in the Early People’s Republic of China”  (Location: Dulles Hall, Room 168) This talk is sponsored in part by a U.S. Department of Education Title VI grant to The Ohio State University East Asian Studies Center. (More information)

Fri., Oct. 26, James McDougall, University of Oxford, “Revolutions and Counter-Revolutions from Anticolonialism to the Arab Spring: Algeria, Africa, Islam” (Location: Dulles Hall, Room 168)

Fri., Nov. 30, Louis Pérez, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, “A Past to Look Forward To: The Cuban Revolution as History Foretold” (Location: TBA)

Fri., Jan. 18, David P. Fields, Faculty Affiliate of the East Asian Studies Program at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and the deputy director for digital projects at the Center for the Study of the American Constitution. (Abstract) This event is co-sponsored by the Institute for Korea Studies and a U.S. Department of Education Title VI grant to The Ohio State University East Asian Studies Center.

Fri., Feb. 22Ludivine Batigny, Universite de Rouen, “The Revolutions of 1968” (blog site) (Location: Dulles Hall, Room 168)

Fri., March 1,  Zara Anishanslin, University of Delaware and John Lear, University of Puget Sound, “Art in a Time of Revolution: Reconsidering the American Revolution and the Mexican Revolution” (Location: Dulles Hall, Room 168) (more info about Prof. Anishanslin)

Fri., April 12, Marcella Echeverri, Yale University, “Afro-Latino and indigenous loyalists in South America’s revolutionary independence movements of the 19th century” (Location: Dulles Hall, Room 168)

Date: TBA, Gil Joseph, Yale University, “Revolution in Modern Latin America” (Location: Dulles Hall, Room 168)