Basketball Bounces

Levy Witherspoon is the star center of the boys’ varsity basketball team. If he drops the ball, it will bounce back to 8/10 of the height that he dropped it from. Levy reaches overhead and drops the ball from a height of eight feet. How many times will it bounce before it bounces up less than two feet (approximately the height of Levy’s knees)?

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Since the rebound is 8/10 of the former height, we can just start multiplying by 0.8.

 Bounce   Height 
0 8′
1 6.4′
2 5.12′
3 4.1′
4 3.28′
5 2.62′
6 2.1′
7 1.68′

So after the 7th bounce, the ball fails to reach a height of two feet.

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