About the Ohio Digital Mathematics Project

The Ohio Digital Mathematics Project (ODMP) is maintained by a team of graduate students at the College of Education and Human Ecology at The Ohio State University. Doctoral students Joseph Antonides and Joanne Vakil reorganized and cataloged hundreds of problems from the archives of the Ohio Resource Center to make them available to educators across the state.

About the Collection

Problems in this collection were contributed by many Ohio mathematics educators and teachers. Thank you to Rudd Crawford, long-time mathematics teacher at Oberlin High School (Oberlin, Ohio) and Miami University (Oxford, Ohio) for their leadership on the iDiscovery project. Special thanks to the staff of the Ohio Resource Center: Dr. Sigrid Wagner (1942-2016), former ORC Mathematics Content Specialist and Professor Emerita, at The Ohio State University and Jaime Kautz, former ORC Mathematics Content Specialist, and Dr. Margaret (Peggy) Kasten, former Director, for their time and leadership in curating this collection.


Joseph Antonides is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Teaching and Learning, specializing in mathematics education. His current research focuses on combinatorial thinking, particularly in preservice elementary and middle school teachers. Before beginning the Ph.D. program, Joe earned a master’s degree in mathematics at the Ohio State University and taught mathematics courses at Ohio State and Columbus State Community College. 

Joanne Vakil is a Ph.D. Candidate, pursuing a degree in STEM Education. Her research focuses on non-immersive virtual reality technologies and how they support pre-service and in-service teacher conceptualization of geometric ideas.  Joanne’s master’s degree is from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  She has taught mathematics education courses online and face-to-face at Ohio State and Wright State University.

The Stella Collection

The core of this collection is a library of more than 600 non-routine mathematics problems known as Stella’s Stunners. The problems range from simple visual problems, requiring no specific mathematical background, to problems that use the content of Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II and Trigonometry, up through Pre-Calculus. The Stella problems are not typical textbook exercises. They are considered “non-routine” problems because the methods of attacking them are not immediately obvious. The Stella problems were collected over many years by Rudd Crawford, long-time mathematics teacher at Oberlin High School, and have been used by a number of teachers across Ohio.

iDiscovery Problems

Developed as part of summer professional development institutes led by educators at Miami University, the iDiscovery collection features a set of open-ended problems, accessible to students as young as 3rd grade, yet rich enough to engage high school students in important mathematics content.


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