Mongoes Eat Booms

Suppose that each of the following statements is true:

If mongoes eat booms, then mongoes are dangerous.
Either flems are tall or mongoes are not dangerous.
Flems are not tall.

Which of the following conclusions must also be true?

  1. Mongoes eat booms.
  2. Mongoes do not eat booms.
  3. Flems are not dangerous.
  4. Mongoes are dangerous.
  5. None of these statements is a possible conclusion.

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Pickled Walnuts, Prof. Piltdown

On the assumption the following nine statements are factually correct, what conclusion, if any, can be drawn?

  1. Pickled walnuts are always provided at Professor Piltdown’s parties.
  2. No animal that does not prefer Beethoven to Mozart ever takes a taxi in Bond Street.
  3. All armadillos can speak the Basque dialect.
  4. No animal can be registered as a philatelist who does not carry a collapsible umbrella.
  5. Any animal that can speak Basque is eligible for the Tintinnabulum Club.
  6. Only animals that are registered philatelists are invited to Professor Piltdown’s parties.
  7. All animals eligible for the Tintinnabulum Club prefer Mozart to Beethoven.
  8. The only animals that enjoy pickled walnuts are those who get them at Professor Piltdown’s.
  9. Only animals that take taxis in Bond Street carry collapsible umbrellas.

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