Snow mold trials and field day

As we start to the see the snow accumulate and the temperatures turn more and more into the winter weather we should have been having the expectancy is that snow mold pressure will start to build for many. The east side of Cleveland has certainly already seen its fair share of snow and the general area has seen a dramatic cool down. That being the case the opportunity for snow mold activity is certainly there – although whether Microdochium nivale will be the issue of choice or something more of the harsher line such as Typhula spp. shows u remains to be seen. As of right now Microdochium certainly looks to be the stronger of the two possibilities. To that end – trials were initiated in November on three sites in the east side of Cleveland by Dr. Nangle. As the season progresses we will closely monitor the sites and once snow cover dissipates and we get a true reading of where pressure was greatest one of the three sites will be used for a short morning field day to discuss the results and provide insight into how to manage for winter issues in the area. Further details will be announced soon but expect an opportunity to interact with OSU/ATI and OSU faculty at the event.

Trial plots at Canterbury GC on the east side of Cleveland in early December 2016