Grinders grinders and grinders – oh and OTF!

As we start to wrap up semester and students start to think about holidays and such, one thing we forgot to mention this year was the addition of reel grinding equipment for our students to learn on here at ATI. Bernhard Grinders provided an excellent opportunity for us to invest in the grinders which we can use to teach our students safely and with the most modern equipment available. Students will get the opportunity to work on the schematics of spin grinding as well as gaining insight into the process of preparation of reels and setting them up for daily use from the standpoint of an equipment technician. The reels grinders will also fit well into our certificate program that focuses on sports/commercial turf equipment managers

Students gaining insight on reel grinding from Doug Veine of BernhardDoug Veine from Bernhard showing ATI students the set up for the new grinders that will be available for education going forward

Also – it is getting time for OTF – next week to be exact – get registering!!

A visit to the Cleveland Browns and getting sportsturf exposure

This week ATI turfgrass students had the opportunity to visit the Cleveland Browns training facility to meet with head groundskeeper Chris Powell and assistant groundskeeper Russell Horn. The students saw how the facility is setup for the team both from the inside of the facility and also how the fields are managed both during the season and also educated on how the field management team runs the site when training camp is ongoing. Issues such as firmness, seed use, irrigation were discussed as well as how Chris who manages both the stadium and training facility creates a workflow that offers continuous quality at both sites.  The students also got to see how the team trains in certain patterns and the effect that this has on the turfgrass. Further to this, the field management component as far as changes from coaching staff to training regimes is something that has a big effect on a day to day basis. It was an excellent experience for the students and we are very grateful to the guys at the Browns for having us in.

img_4706 img_4712 img_4716

Pictures (L-R) ATI students outside the Cleveland Browns facility prior to entry, pre germination of seed to help recovery, Russell Horn shows students how to measure firmness prior to NFL games

OTF Conference and Show

The annual Ohio Turfgrass Foundation and show is rapidly coming upon us. As the premier regional turfgrass education and demonstration conference in the United States its a great opportunity to get to meet and network with more than 3,000 like minded individuals. Speakers coming to Columbus this year include Dr. Jim Kerns, Dr. Frank Rossi, Dr. Mike Fidanza, Dr. Aaron Patton and Dr. John Sorochan among others. Tracks include Golf Turf management, Sportsfield management, Asssistant education track, Professional Landscape management, Golf Equipment management – which anyone will agree is a very broad amount of useful information. This years conference runs from Dec 5th – 8th in Columbus, OH and registration can be found at

Also, any conference attendee that pays registration can go to both the OTF Conference and the OSU Green Industry Short Course for the same registration fee. They can move from one conference session to another, no problem!

The show is celebrating its 50th year and its going to be a cracker – don’t be afraid to get involved – it has ODA and GCSAA credits aplenty!


Developing research programs

As Dr. Raudenbush and Nangle develop their programs at OSU/ATI which includes teaching and outreach, part of the development will include applied research. This type of research helps to give end users a direct answer to some questions re the use of new or different products which they may have had. Further to that the research can be carried out at specific sites that may have problems that are not necessarily reproducible – e.g. using newly renovated sites for looking at Gaeumannomyces graminis. As part of that Dr Nangle has begun working on the issue of snow mold (Microdochium and Typhula spp.) with three sites in the Cleveland area (Picture 1). The three courses have similar treatments on their plots and depending on the intensity of winter and snow fall disease pressure may vary. Upon the completion of winter a field day will occur at the site that produced the highest disease pressure – most likely in early April 2017. Keep an eye out for updates and if there are questions in regards to trials dont hesitate to ask!

img_4676 img_4683

Picture 1. Sites in the Cleveland area which are helping Dr Nangle with snow mold research