The summer has started!

This week has really introduced the heat for the year and those of you with bentgrass have probably been pretty darn happy – the wait is over – kind of! (A cool down will come). However¬† soil temperatures have now started to climb into the upper 50’s on average – and that is critical – measuring soil temperature at 12pm is not a good indicator of the reality of soil temperatures. This means timings for issues such as DMI treatments are now getting extremely late.

Further to that we are now most decidedly beyond the use of ester based formulations for broadleaf weed control and froma¬† safety standpoint amine formulations will be most appropriate going forward. Issues have not been to intense so far but managing water may be critical for the next short period of time – temperatures, high winds and turfgrasses that may be juvenile will be prime for problems. Trial season has begun for many of the turf team and so expect to see results running through the summer as well as the OTF Field Day on August 29th and trial data at Bob O’Link for vendors day on August 13th

Finally with this current blast of heat – make sure that all the crew are fully hydrated and also sufficiently protected against sunscreen. Good luck out there!

Trials initiated 5-17-17 at Bob O’Link in Avon, OH – see the results on August 13th!