Old man winter returns

The rush to summer may have slowed somewhat late this week, sightings of red thread were given last week and snow mold seemed to have taken to the bed for another year with highs running into the 60’s and 70’s. That however changed with snow in Northern Ohio in particular which followed some very stormy and heavy weather. The cold temperatures have indeed cut the progress on the growing degree days but this will be only a momentary slow down. Reports in the Cleveland area this week were that Poa annua seedheads had emerged on south facing slopes. The hope is that drying will occur soon and allow for applications to be made as people battle to manage the timing. The month of February saw many courses draw extremely unusual numbers of golfers and certainly will have been a help to start the year off – the concern is that there may be other issues such as diseases and insects that will have benefited from the early warm temperatures – scouting will be required. Winter annual weeds are certainly beginning to show up also – purple dead nettle and chickweed both emerging after the cold winter – activity is certainly ramping up early!


Old man winter returned with a bang this week to northern Ohio


Snow mold field day will take place on March 17th at Sand Ridge GC in Mayfield – for more details click here http://www.nogcsa.com/1st-Annual-OSU-ATI-Snow-Mold-Research-Field-Day-1.html?ModKey=mk$clsc&LayoutID=&EventID=46&evtid=46&cdocid=1&lastCalM=