Its GIS time and we are well and truly back in the swing of things.

On the student education front we have been very busy with 5 new students starting in January and further to that as students are getting ready to make the trip – they need your help! In an attempt to help with the cost of traveling to compete in the national conference and turfgrass competition the club has setup a donation page – if you can support them – have a look!

Further to that the program has been busy – Dr Raudenbush has been in Indianapolis and Dayton speaking while Dr. Nangle was up at the Michigan State turfgrass conference. January started of cool but certainly has warmed up with snow cover pretty much gone. Disease pressure has been limited so far but we may have some problems in the near future based on long term forecast. Temperatures are being talked about in the realm of the ‘polar vortex’ during February – meaning a return to extreme cold and possibly puttingĀ Poa annua in a difficult situation. At this stage with now snow available to act as an insulator we may be just watching the problems occur but if snow does fall – use it as much as possible!

For all of the NE Ohio Superintendents traveling to Texas – safe travels! For all of the alumni around the country – visit the booth we will be there and look forward to catching up with you all.