Ohio Beef School

OSU Beef Team Virtual Beef School, held Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m.

  • January 11; A Look at Input Costs with Barry Ward, OSU Extension Leader for Production Business Management and Market Outlook with Garth Ruff, OSU Extension Beef Field Specialist (view the recording here)
  • February 8; Presynchronization and Improving Fertility of Beef Cows with Alex Crist, OSU Animal Sciences and Synchronization and Natural Service with Dean Kreager, OSU Extension Educator
  • March 8; Asian Longhorn Tick and Theileria with Dr. Risa Pesepane, OSU Vet Preventative Medicine and Managing Disease in 2023 with Dr. Justin Kieffer DVM, OSU Animal Sciences
  • April 12; OSU Beef Team Live Roundtable, Q & A session with OSU Extension Beef Team members.

Register for any or all of the Beef School session listed above at go.osu.edu/beefschool23