Recognized on this page are those OSU personnel — faculty, students, visiting scholars — who contribute to the mission of the Laboratory for Greek Dialectology (LGD) and those distinguished foreign scholars (faculty and students alike) who likewise have participated in and have supported the activities of the LGD.  All are important in different ways, and the categories are just a way of helping to keep track of who is who.



Brian D. Joseph, Distinguished University Professor of Linguistics and The Kenneth E. Naylor Professor of South Slavic Linguistics (


Affiliated Faculty:

Ahmad Al-Jallad, Sofia Chair in Arabic Studies, Associate Professor (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures)

Yiorgos Anagnostou, Associate Professor (Classics — Modern Greek Studies Program)

Stavros Constantinou, Associate Professor (Geography, Mansfield Campus)

Fritz Graf, Distinguished University Professor of Classics

Anthony Kaldellis, Professor (Classics)

Carolina López-Ruiz, Associate Professor (Classics)

Andrea Sims, Associate Professor (of Linguistics and of Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures (


Research Fellow:

Christopher G. Brown, Ph.D., Lecturer in Modern Greek and Classics

Rex E. Wallace, Professor Emeritus, University of Massachusetts and Visiting Scholar, OSU Linguistics


Research Assistants:

Rexhina Ndoci, Graduate student in Linguistics

Carly Dickerson, Graduate student in Linguistics

Junyu Ruan, Graduate student in Linguistics


Student Assistant:

Yanni Patitsas, Undergraduate (Pre-Med)


Foreign Corresponding Fellows:

Dr. Mark Janse, BOF-ZAP Research Professor in Ancient and Asia Minor Greek, Ghent University (

Dr. Marianna Katsoyannou, University of Cyprus

Dr. Jerneja Kavčič, University of Ljubljana

Dr. Eljana Kokalari, University of Gjirokastër

Dr. Michalis Marinis, University of Patras (since Autumn 2019)

Dr. Alexander Novik

Dr. Panayiotis Pappas, Department of Linguistics, Simon Fraser University

Dr. Angela Ralli, University of Patras

Dr. Domenica Romagno, Università di Pisa

Dr. Andrey Sobolev

Dr. Aristotle Spirou, Athens

Maïlinda Spirou, Athens

Dr. Chiara Zanchi, Postdoctoral researcher, Università di Pavia (Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici, Sezione di Linguistica teorica e applicata)



Visiting Student Fellow:

Michalis Marinis, University of Patras (Spring 2019)