Publications on Greek Dialects

Work on Greek dialects has been undertaken by members of the Laboratory for Greek Dialects for many years.  This page contains a comprehensive list of all publications by LGD members that deal with Greek dialects. Copies of papers by Brian Joseph (solo or with co-authors) not posted here can be found at

• by Brian D. Joseph, Rexhina Ndoci, & Carly Dickerson. 2019.  Language Mixing in Palasa. Journal of Greek Linguistics 19.2.227-243 (pdf here: Joseph-Ndoci-Dickerson(JGL19-2))

• by Christopher G. Brown & Brian D. Joseph:

The texture of a linguistic environment: new perspectives on the Greek of Southern Albania. Albano-Hellenica 5 (Papers from the First International Conference of Greek-Albanian Studies, Tirana, Albania, March 24-5, 2012), ed. by Aristotel Spiro (2013), 145-152.

On Hybrid Forms in Language Contact:  Some evidence from the Greek of southern Albania.  Albano-Hellenica 6 (Papers from the Second International Conference of Greek-Albanian Studies, Tirana, Albania, March 27-28, 2015), ed. by Aristotel Spiro), (2015).

The Greek Language in Southern Albania.  Greek Ethos 20 (September 2015), p. 13


• by Brian D. Joseph:

Giro apo dio morfes sti roditiki dialekto: oxlos ke oxnos (with Michael Herzfeld). [Concerning two forms in the Rhodian dialect:  oxlos and oxnos].  Dodekanisiaka Xronika 4 (1978), 1-7.

Irregular [u]’s in Greek.  Die Sprache 25 (1979), 46-48 (click here for pdf:  1979irregu)

More on the Origin of the -its- Suffixes in Greek.  Živa Antika 35.83-85 (1985).

A Greek-Bulgarian Mischsprache in the Rodope.  In A Festschrift for Ilse Lehiste.  Ohio State University Working Papers in Linguistics 35 (1987), pp. 117-123.

Pronominal Affixes in Modern Greek:  The Case Against Clisis.  In D. Brentari et al. (eds.), Papers from the 24th Regional Meeting, Chicago Linguistic Society  (1988), pp. 203-215.

I erminía merikón voríon típon tis prostaktikís katá ti simeriní morfolojikí θeoría [The Interpretation of Several Northern Forms of the Imperative According to Current Morphological Theory].  Eliniki Dialektolojía 1 (1989), pp. 21-26.

The Benefits of Morphological Classification:  On Some Apparently Problematic Clitics in Modern Greek.  In W. Dressler, H. Luschützky, O. Pfeiffer, and J. Rennison (eds.), Contemporary Morphology.  Berlin:  Mouton de Gruyter (1990), pp. 171-181.  [Preliminary version in Papers in Morphology and Syntax.  Ohio St. Univ. Working Papers in Linguistics 37 (1989), pp. 52-61.]

A Non-Bleeding Rule in Modern Greek.  Glotta 68 (1990), pp. 124-129.

Interlectal Awareness as a Reflex of Linguistic Dimensions of Power: Evidence from Greek. In B. Joseph (ed.) Language and Power, Language and Freedom in Greek Society.  Special issue of Journal of Modern Greek Studies 10 (1992), pp. 71-85.

Methodological Issues in the History of the Balkan Lexicon:  The Case of Greek vré/ré and its Relatives.  In Balkanistica Vol. 10 (Studies Dedicated to the Memory of Zbigniew Golab 19 March 1923 – 24 March 1994), ed. by V. Friedman, M. Belyavski-Frank, M. Pisaro, & D. Testen (1997), pp. 255-277.

Modern Greek ts:  beyond sound symbolism.  In Sound Symbolism, edited by L. Hinton, J. Nichols, & J. Ohala (Cambridge University Press, 1994), pp. 222-236.

Cappadocian Greek aré ‘now’ and Related Adverbs: The Effects of Conflation, Composition, and Resegmentation.  In K. Minas et al., eds., Filerimu Agapisis (Festschrift for Agapitos Tsopanakis).  Stegi Gramaton ke Texnon Dodekanisu, Vol. 20, pp. 115-122 (Rhodes, 1997)

Variation in voiced stop prenasalization in Greek (with Amalia Arvaniti (lead author)). Glossologia, A Greek Journal for General and Historical Linguistics Vol. 11-12.131-166 (2000) (Preliminary version in Historical Linguistics:  Ohio St. Univ. Working Papers in Linguistics 52.203-33 (1999).)

Dialect Evidence bearing on the Definition of ‘Word’ in Greek.  In A. Ralli, B. Joseph & M. Janse (eds.) Proceedings of the First International Conference of Modern Greek Dialects and Linguistic Theory (Patras, Greece, Oct. 12-14, 2000).  Patras:  Univ. of Patras, 2001, pp. 89-104.

Early Modern Greek /b d g/: Evidence from Rebetica and Folk Songs (with Amalia Arvaniti). In Recherches en linguistique I. Actes du 5e Colloque international de linguistique grecque.  Sorbonne, 13-15 septembre 2001.  Paris:  L’Harmattan (2002), pp. 67-70.

Early Modern Greek /b d g/:  Evidence from Rebétika and Folk Songs (with Amalia Arvaniti).  Journal of Modern Greek Studies 22 (2004), pp. 73-94.

On Continuity and Change in the Dialects of Lesbos and Related Areas – Multilingualism and Polydialectalism over the Millennia.  In A. Ralli, B. Joseph & M. Janse (eds.) Proceedings of the Second International Conference of Modern Greek Dialects and Linguistic Theory (Mytilini, Greece, September 30-October 2, 2004). Mitilini:  University of the Aegean Press, 2006.

What Greek Can Tell Us About the Remaking of Verb Endings. In Thermi ke fos/Licht und Wärme. Afieromatikos tomos sti Mnimi tou A.-F. Xristidis/In Memory of A.-F. Christidis, ed. by Maria Theodoropoulou.  Thessaloniki, 2008, pp. 277-281.

On Some Hyperadaptations in Greek and in Greece.  In A. Ralli, B. Joseph & M. Janse (eds.) Proceedings of the Third International Conference of Modern Greek Dialects and Linguistic Theory (Lefkosia, Cyprus, June 14-16, 2007). Nicosia, Cyprus:  Research Centre of the Kykkos Monastery, 2009, pp. 27-36.

Greek dialectal evidence for the role of the paradigm in inflectional change.  Morphology (Special Issue: Morphology Meets Dialectology, ed. by Geert Booij, Angela Ralli and Sergio Scalise) 19.1.45-57 (2009).

Greek ts/dz as internally complex segments: Phonological and phonetic evidence (with Gina M. Lee). Ohio State University Working Papers in Linguistics 59 (Spring 2010), 1-9.

An Albanian Source for a Greek Folk Usage.  Albano-Hellenica XI-XII Number 4.6-11 (2010)

A New Historical Grammar of Demotic Greek:  Reflections on the Κοινή Ελληνική in the 19th and 20th Centuries as Seen through Thumb’s Handbook of the Modern Greek Vernacular (with Mark Janse). CHS Research Bulletin Volume 2.2 (2014), Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington, DC.

Re-evaluating Georgacas: The -ιτσα controversy once again. In Од Чхкаго и назад.  Papers to Honor Victor A. Friedman on the Occasion of his Retirement (ed. by D. Dyer, B. Joseph, and C. Kramer (Balkanistica 28), pp. 251-261 (2015).

Language and Sustainability in the Greek Context.  In Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Greek Linguistics (ICGL 11), Department of Mediterranean Studies, University of the Aegean, Rhodes.

Multiple Exponence in Language Contact Situations: A Case Study from the Greek of Southern Albania. In Contact Morphology, ed. by Angela Ralli.  Cambridge Scholars Press, 2016

The Economics of Language Diversity and Language Resilience in the Balkans (with Adam D. Clark-Joseph).  To appear in Language and Economy, ed. by Salikoko Mufwene and Cécile Vigoureux.  Cambridge University Press.

Understanding Greek through Albanian: The Case of pro(s)pappous. Studime. A Review for Philological Studies 23 (2016), 137-142.

On Some Related προ-Forms for Generational Distance in Modern Greek.   To appear in a FS (Greece, 2018)

The Greek of Ottoman-era Adrianoupolis.  To appear in A. Ralli, ed., The Morphology of Asia Minor Greek.  Leiden:  Brill, 2019.