9th Midwest Workshop on Greek Language and Linguistics (June 2020)

The 9th Midwest Workshop on the Greek Language and Linguistics was held on Saturday, June 6 (2020), bringing together a number of researchers in the Midwest of the US and close to the Midwest, as well as several participants from Europe.  There were papers on diverse topics all dealing with Greek in some way:  morphology, dialectology, the effects of immigration on the language, covering theory, sociolinguistics, the history of the language, and related matters.  It proved to be an exciting and intellectually stimulating day.

This event was sponsored by the Laboratory for Greek Dialectology of The Ohio State University and the Center for Hellenic Studies at The University of Chicago.

The sessions all took place via Zoom — the meeting space was open from 8:00am Eastern Time; to join, click on the link for the meeting:  https://osu.zoom.us/j/97855489085, no registration needed. (You may have to download the Zoom app in order for that to work – you can get that at https://zoom.us/download).

The program can be seen here.