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OSU Offices and Resources:

  • Office of Distance Education and eLearning (ODEE)
  • University Center for Advancement of Teaching (UCAT)
  • ODEE Social Media in Teaching and Learning: Best Practices
  • The ODEE Faculty Resources for Distance Education offers a va
  • Digital Unions are spaces that “help students, staff, and faculty with digital content creation, including everything from documents and spreadsheets to graphics and video. Print a research poster, finish a lab report, record a voiceover, design a flyer, or learn a new program all at the Digital Union.”
  • Each year, ODEE hosts a conference over new approaches to innovative learning technologies. Learn more about the annual Innovate conference.
  • Want to brush up your skills? Check out ODEE’s upcoming workshops.

Copyright Resources: 

Video Creation: 

  • Learn more about Mediasite, “a presentation tool that allows you to record class sessions or lectures and upload the recordings automatically to university servers.” Mediasite is an excellent way to record lecture content and host it online.
  • Are you hoping to make a video in which you write by hand, draw, or use slides with your own voice to explain things? There are some great iPad apps like Explain Everything and bContext that will allow you to do so.
  • To get started with Explain Everything, try ODEE’s video tutorial. 
  • If you’re interested in other ways to use iPads, learn to make videos with iMovie.
  • An instructional designer’s perspective on when video lectures are ideal and when they’re not.
  • Here’s a demo of using Haiku Deck on iPad.

Alternative Instruction Options:

  • CarmenConnect enables synchronous, live meetings with video and chat components plus options to record and export the sessions.
  • Using text and images for instruction remains a valuable option. Learn more on the best approaches.
  • Consider using audio recordings in place of other methods. Here’s more information from an instructional designer.

Assessment Methods:

Learning Platforms: 

Digital Texts:

  • OpenStax offers free, open digital textbooks. “Open” means that instructors may edit or cut them for their purposes, allowing them to customize what they use.
  • Curious about creating digital texts? Here is an overview of some of the benefits with additional links.
  • Visit ODEE’s resources over digital book creation and get in touch if you’d like to schedule a consultation over potential projects.

Student Feedback & Experience:

  • A post on introducing new technology without leaving students behind.


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