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If you’re unfamiliar with Ohio State’s iTunes U presence, the already popular platform is not even closer to the heart of the university community as general education courses make their way there. OSU is one of Apple’s featured providers on the site, meaning that we host a substantial collection of educational resources and are one of the premier content creators in the world. Courses vary from those that are useful to a broad audience such as Matt Stoltzfus’ General Chemistry to niche expertise, like Karl Danneberger’s collection of courses over turf management.

While the general education audience among OSU’s undergraduate population is a familiar demographic, the audience for the course editions on iTunes U is significantly different and wide reaching. The site averages over 115,000 visitors each month, and more than 50% of that audience is international. While 42% of the traffic last month came from the United States, the content also reached users in China, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and a miscellany of other nations. In the roughly two years since Ohio State launched a presence on iTunes U, more than 4 million visitors and 3.6 million downloads have taken the educational resources of our faculty far from Ohio and around the world. 

Adding general education content to the collection is key, as it’s some of the most sought after learning materials, both internationally and across the state. The concepts are being introduced to learners every day, and students often seek out alternative methods of mastering core principles. Further, teachers can use instructional materials developed by skilled faculty in their own classrooms. The GE online course materials carry appeal for students and educators alike, both at the university and high school level.


Browse Ohio State’s online GE courses that are available on iTunes U:

Gen Chemistry:
Life in the Universe:
Calculus One:
Intro Environmental Science:
The British Invasion:
Sequences and Series:

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