Why are these online general education courses being made? 

To provide OSU students with additional enrollment opportunities for a wide range of general education courses. To provide students with spacial flexibility without reducing the rigor and quality of the course experience.

How do you prevent online learning from being cold and impersonal? 

Engaging content in an intuitive learning space that promotes communication, collaboration, and creativity. In designing online courses, student and instructor interactions are considered and integrated in order to optimize the experience.

Are some courses better suited for online learning than others? 

Online classes are designed to accommodate to a variety of learning methods and often offer instruction through multiple modes. Courses often incorporate a degree of independence and flexibility, thus they can be excellent opportunities for learners with busy lives. Some learners will prefer traditional, in-person courses, and those will continue to be offered for these general education courses as well. 

Do online classes ever have in-person tests or meetings? 

Some distance education courses require on-site proctoring of exams, but provide flexibility of scheduling. This varies widely. Students with questions about this will want to check the requirements of courses they enroll in.

Do online courses have set meeting times when everyone should get online? 

A majority of the GE online courses will contain structured due dates for all activities included within the course. There may be some instances where an individual course will require students to participate in live chats or discussions. Individual learning activities are developed by each online instructor and some may have very specific needs for a live online setting.

How do students feel about online classes? 

As we have yet to implement the program, we haven’t received feedback from OSU students yet. Generally, students express interest in online learning models, citing a desire to access material differently, pursue learning that is not as schedule-restrictive, and a general interest in integrating web communication into their educational experiences.

How do make online classes accessible to people with special needs? 

The GE Carmen courses were designed with accessibility in mind. Pages and documents are formatted  to meet a universal range of accessibility needs. All videos and podcasts are captioned and transcribed. The Office of Distance Education and eLearning worked with the office of Web Accessibility to develop a universally designed learning environment.

Will OSU someday have entire degrees online?

OSU currently offers a number of online Master’s degree programs. The Office of Distance Education and eLearning was partially established to increase and enhance the number of online learning opportunities are available to OSU students.


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