Project Update: Autumn Semester


The midpoint of the autumn semester is nearing, and Ohio State’s online general education initiative has rolled out its first term of offerings. As undergraduates study through various platforms, instructional designers provide quick updates on how things have unfolded.

Course: Statistics 1450

Update by Kevin Kula

Approximately six weeks into the term, instructor Jonathan Baker and teaching assistant Timothy Book are in full swing for Statistics 1450.  In total, they are serving 52 online students this autumn term.  The team has done a great job inserting update videos into the weekly course structure.  These overviews have helped students stay up-to-date and on track for course assignments.  Among faculty members in the department, Statistics has embraced this process by engaging in biweekly discussions on online teaching and learning tools

Jonathan and his staff have been committed to producing high quality, engaging videos throughout the course.  With the help of the great Arts and Sciences tech, Jonathan’s team produced more than 120 videos as lectures, weekly overviews, and demonstrations for their students.  We have used ODEE’s Mediasite tool to host these videos for easy insertion and management into the Carmen course.

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