Bruce M. Arnold. Ph.D Bruce M. Arnold, PhD, (Louisiana State University), Assistant Professor

Interests: Post-1860s U.S. cultural history and transnational ethnohistory with interests in Asian American, African American, technological, consumer, family, and educational histories,as well as the history of technology and computing
Jackie Blount, PhD Jackie M. Blount, PhD, (Univ. of North Carolina), Professor

Interests: History of gender and sexuality in education; history of educational leadership; history of technology in education
Antoinette Errante, PhD Antoinette Errante, PhD, (Univ. of Minnesota), Associate Professor

Interests: History of education (colonial/post-colonial transitions, oral history); comparative education and community violence
Bruce Kimball, PhD Bruce A. Kimball, MDiv/EdD, (Harvard University), Professor
No Longer Accepting Graduate Students

Interests: History and theory of liberal education, professional education, professions, legal education and finances in higher education
  Miriam Shenkar, PhD, (The Ohio State University), Senior Lecturer

Interests: Education in Israel, global education and the history of modern education

Winston Thompson, PhD Winston Thompson, PhD, (Teacher’s College, Columbia University), Assistant Professor

Interests: Normative ethical and social/political questions of justice, education, and the public good

Brian Warnick, PhD Brian R. Warnick, PhD, (Univ. of Illinois), Professor

Interests: Philosophy of education, ethics; educational technology; American educational thought; and imitation studies

Affiliated Faculty

Ann Allen, PhD, (Michigan State University), Associate Professor

Interests: Politics of education as related to school governance, democratic practice and educational policy; changing relations between school and community

Michael Glassman, PhD, (The City University of New York), Professor

Interests: The role of the democratic classroom in the education process and the importance of maintaining a process-oriented curriculum; democratic community and decision making, child development and early childhood education

Tatiana Suspitsyna, PhD, (Univ. of Michigan), Associate Professor

Interests: Organization theory; intercultural travel of ideas; disciplines and organizational practices; gender in organization; international education