Ksenafo “Sam” Akulli, PhD

Sam Akulli

Sam Akulli, PhD, ’18

Kensafo “Sam” Akulli (PhD 2018)

Sam Akulli graduated from the Philosophy & History of Education Program (PHE) in 2018. His research focused on exploring new frontiers in educational philosophy. His dissertation is titled “Education and the Individual: An Exploration of Enver Hoxha’s Philosophy of Education.” In his dissertation, Sam explores the characteristics and components of the idea of the individual in the process of education. Some of his research interests are: educational philosophy, policy, and technology; emerging philosophies of education; international education, and leadership and management.
Sam has also been working in the information technology industry for over ten years. Currently, he serves as a Project Manager at a local government agency and owns his own consulting business Akulli & Associates LLC., which provides services in education and technology to educational and government institutions. He is also an Adjunct Professor at Franklin University in Ohio and a Visiting Professor at a university in Croatia.

Having studied in the PHE Program-Sam says-has been indispensable for my professional and personal growth. It has helped me to analyze ideas, policies, events, issues and problems critically and constructively, extract meaning from data and behaviors, and propose constructive arguments and solutions. These skills have enriched not only my professional career, but also my personal life. For this, I must thank the faculty at PHE. They have developed an incredible curriculum and have guided me through the process of developing my ideas, interests, ability, sand research. They have walked by my side as mentors and friends over the years. This journey required a lot of work, but I did not have to walk it alone. I would recommend this program without reservation to anyone.