Jeffery W. Dunn, PhD

Jeffery Dunn

Jeffery Dunn, PhD, ’17

Jeffery W. Dunn (Ph.D., 2017)

Jeff is full-time Seventh Grade Science teacher at an urban middle school in the Columbus Ohio area. His everyday work with students informs his continuing research interests which includes neoliberalism, democratic education, ethics, and the morality of teaching. His current research includes the possibilities for post-humanist teaching. He works extensively with emerging teachers from local colleges and universities on the crafting of Critical teaching practices. He is a painter, woodworker, world traveler, and old car enthusiast. ( )

In 2017, Jeff was awarded the Loadman Dissertation Prize by the Philosophy and History of Education Program for his dissertation entitled, “Neoliberalism and the ‘Religious’ Work of Schools: The Teacher as Prophet in Dewey’s Democratic Society.” In 2019, Routledge published a revised version of his dissertation as Democratic Education and the Teacher-As-Prophet: Exploring the Religious Work of Schools (2019).

“I am profoundly grateful for an opportunity for a rigorous interaction with people and ideas that continues to shape my life as practitioner, scholar, and artist. This kind of experience doesn’t happen simply in the mechanics of books and papers and coursework completed. The essence of PHE is a faculty and staff who exemplify a whole-hearted obligation to their craft, a challenging invitation to struggle with them as scholars, and a caring commitment to student formation.”