Sarah Kern, MA

Sarah Kern, MA, ’18

Sarah, who currently serves as a Senior Program Coordinator, Undergraduate Admissions at the Office of Student Academic Success at The Ohio State University, graduated in May 2018 after submitting her case study, entitled “Making Their Voices Heard: Black Student Activism at The Ohio State University.”

The Philosophy and History of Education program has allowed me to reexamine the everyday work that I do within a university setting. The program allowed me to focus on the inequities that we have within our educational systems and gives me the drive to want to make those inequities nonexistent. The program also allowed me to look at the varying levels of access to education for students and allowed me to challenge myself to find ways help knock down barriers in the work that I do for the university. My involvement within this program has allowed me to truly focus on our educational systems-by examining the past and working to make positive and effective changes for the future.