This page is not meant to be an exhaustive resource on ExamSoft. It is designed to highlight the most pertinent information for instructors in the College of Pharmacy using this assessment tool.

Getting an Account 

To obtain an account in ExamSoft, you need to fill in this interest form from ODEE. After you have done so, see below to get access to COP-specific training resources.

Enabling Your Course in ExamSoft

After obtaining your account and completing training, you must take an additional step to enable ExamSoft for your course. First, you must publish your Carmen course. (If you are not ready to share course content with your students, you can unpublish or hide specific course content). After publishing your Carmen course, please request the ExamSoft course instance by sending your course details to examsoft@osu.edu. You can copy this information from the Carmen landing page (carmen.osu.edu) in the following format: Term, Course Number — Course Name (Section Number). Example: AU20 NURSING 2410 — Health Assessment (30265). The typical turn around for enabling ExamSoft courses is 2-3 business days.

Best Practices for Using ExamSoft

Ready to start using ExamSoft in your course? See this page on best practices and important steps to follow.

Training Resources and Getting Help

OEIS has set up a public Carmen Resource Hub (go.osu.edu/copexamsoft) with videos, training, and student resources you can use. There are also several asynchronous trainings available in BuckeyeLearn that you may find by logging in and searching “ExamSoft.”

If you are using ExamSoft in the PharmD program and planning on using categories, you must attend the college’s tagging training before you begin tagging your questions. This training will be available in 2021; for Au20-SP21, we will not be tagging questions.

ExamSoft is a university supported tool, and as such, you can contact the IT Service Desk for technical assistance. ODEE also has several ExamSoft resources available. And the COP ExamSoft Resource Hub has lots of great resources. If you’d like discuss how ExamSoft can enhance your pedagogical goals, please contact an instructional designer at OEIS.

Remote Proctoring

ExamSoft has its own remote proctoring software bundle that uses ExamID, an identification verification system, and ExamMonitor, which is AI-enabled remote proctoring. Instructors who need to use this specific feature must contact Dr. Kathy Kelley to obtain clearance to use the software, and then contact the OEIS team to enable the software. Training on how to use this feature will be available in BuckeyeLearn and in our COP ExamSoft Resource Hub.

A Quick Note on iPads and ExamSoft

As of 3.11.21, there are two things to note when students are using iPads with ExamSoft. First, ExamMonitor is unavailable for iPads; it should be ready to use in AU21. Second, there is one type of exam that is not supported on iPads: a non-secure, internet-blocked exam. Avoid using this type of exam if you have iPad users. Students should be encouraged to take their exams on other devices if at all possible, as iPads tend to be glitchy with ExamSoft.