Assessment Services


This page describes the guiding principles of and philosophy of assessment and describes the various kinds of assessment services available from OEIS and Ohio State at large.


  • The purpose of assessment is to improve the educational environment. 
  • The starting point for assessment is a set of clearly stated intended outcomes. 
  • Assessment is an iterative process that benefits from beginning with small projects and continually builds upon successes. 
  • The curriculum is the purview of the faculty and assessment is inextricably linked to curriculum. Therefore, both curriculum and assessment belong to the faculty, and assessment works best when faculty are involved in both. 
  • Assessment of student learning is a process that should remain separate from the process of faculty evaluation. Curricular assessment results should be used to improve student learning, not for the evaluation of the performance of individual faculty. 
  • Assessment should focus on issues that are of importance to the College. In addition, assessment efforts should be reserved for those issues for which the College is willing to dedicate resources to address assessment findings.


Course assessment

OEIS staff are available to support course assessment projects upon instructor request.  We can assist with designing and administering supplemental end-of-course surveys, facilitating student focus groups for course improvement, and sharing resources related to classroom assessment techniques. 

Continuous Quality Improvement Processes

OEIS has developed a course-level CQI process to provide course directors, course teaching teams, instructional designers, education coordinators and other course stakeholders an opportunity to reflect on the quality of each course at its conclusion, and to develop ideas for improving the next iteration of a course.

Assessment at Ohio State