Shape Grammar

By taking basic shapes and combining them to create complex forms, this project focuses on relationships between shapes and their contours.


After learning a variety of drawing tactics, this project focuses on one and two point perspective, employed to create a personal studio.

2D to 3D Translation

Focusing on translating ideas from two dimensional to three dimensional space, this project builds spatial awareness skills.

Space and Time Walk

This project draws a map of a commonly taken path around campus, communicating common land marks and experiences.

Pattern, Activating Form, and Color Studies

Graduating from greyscale to color harmony principles, this project incorporates patterns discovered and transforms them into a mandala.


After combining two words to create a new one, this project creates a digital image using that word’s meaning and letter forms.


This project entails gathering a variety of materials to craft a useful and personal sketchbook including a surprise element.

Layering Space

By using individual layers of laser cut paper layered onto one another, this project produces an image conveying a choice narrative.

Mask Up

This collaborative project prompts to create a mask, in relation to a pandemic.

Dynamic Pages

For this collaborative assignment, the goal is a diptych of either a paper mechanism, or a stop motion production. They must be a nonobjective representation of a chosen instrumental.


By reimagining the pieces of the game of chess, this collaborative project conveys a narrative through its presentation and gameplay.

Gifting Design

After choosing a mentor, this project was to design a gift for them pertaining to their personality and/or desires.