BioPresence was a themed, new media art exhibition that included animations, robotic art, internet art, tactical media, sound artworks, maps, digital art, installation, video and algorithmic approaches to sensing and representing non-human beings. It was held at the Ohio State University main campus and the Mote Galleries on High Street, in Columbus, Ohio, November 16, 2015 through December 16th. A listening room was included for audio artworks selected for the juried show: BioPresence – Bioacoustic Urbanscapes. Opening celebration 5pm – 8pm, Wednesday December 9th  in the lobby of Hopkins Hall.

Online catalog documenting the exhibitions

Participating artists included students in Art and Technology courses, international audio artists and local artists in Columbus, Ohio, including: Jessica Ann, Katherine BennettAllison Semele Blair, Matt Lewis, William RandallKen Rinaldo, TrademarkDoo-Sung YooAmy Youngs and many more.

Learn more about the BioPresence #AnimalOSU project and the people involved.

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