Animals are here too

Animals have always been part of the Ohio State University’s ecological community. As campus becomes ever more densely populated, and a restored Olentangy River attracts more wildlife, how can we know who is here and learn better ways of sharing space with other-than-human animals?

A motion-activated wildlife camera captures a busy thoroughfare at the Ohio State University Olentangy River Wetlands Research Park.

 We encourage everyone to notice and discover the other-than-human animals on campus – where are they, who are they, who used to be here but might not be here any longer? Share your observations, photos, video and writing in social media and join the conversation.

HOW: whenever you observe an animal on campus – from a fly, to beetle, to bird or mammal – take photos, video clips, write stories, find stories and post them publicly somewhere online (Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter, etc) with the hashtag #AnimalOSU. You can check on recent posts and discussions by following our TwitterFacebook,  Google+, InstagramFlickr and Tumblr pages.

WHO: we are a team of professors and staff in a variety of departments at OSU.  Our shared goals are to raise awareness about the other-than-human-animals on the OSU campus, to broaden appreciation of the diversity of our ecological community, and to start a dialogue about how we can make room for animals. Visit our projects and events pages to see what we are up to.

VISIT: the online catalog documentating the BioPresence  art exhibition and audio art show, Fall 2015.

We thank the Integrated Physical Planning Liaison Group at the Ohio State University for supporting our work as a Framework Project Grant.