Dead bird map


Dead birds at the Ohio State University are being mapped, stuffed and photographed. See their pictures, and where they are found, on this map created by BioPresence team members Matt Lewis and Angelika Nelson.

The Museum of Biological Diversity explains why this data and the actual dead birds are important: “Millions of birds across North America are killed every year by collisions with windows and other man-made structures. Migrating birds are particularly vulnerable on their long-distance journeys. Birds in your backyard may spend the winter in South America! It is important to document the incidence of window kills, so that actions can be taken to prevent them. Museum collections of bird skins are accessible to scientists all over the world and each specimen holds a wealth of information: sex, age, nutritional status etc. Modern technologies allow us to gain information about feeding habits and genetic relations. Thus specimens contribute significantly to our knowledge of biodiversity.”

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