Surveillance cam animals


If you want to find out where the animals on campus are, just ask the people who watch the security cameras. While they see mostly human activity, they also do see animals – especially at night. Alexis S. Bolt’s job is to keep an eye on the cameras (he has been working over a span of 7 years). He also happens to be a geography major, who volunteered to make a map of where the animals have been seen.

From Alex: “the bike path, waterman and the wetlands have numerous more animals than listed here but these are the ones that we have observed on camera over the years.  Other reports of animals on campus involving public safety are the numerous dog complaints we receive, a red tail hawk stuck in the Neil ave garage, the infamous bull incident on  south stadium practice fields, rabbits setting off motion alarms, and the frequent cow escapes on lane ave. The raccoons are also everywhere. Also, I was told that a Fish and Wildlife newsletter a few years ago wrote about  a pack of coyotes that have lived over on west campus for the past 20 years.”

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 12.58.56 PMIn order to collect our own images, video and audio, the BioPresence project has installed a equipment at the Olentangy Wetlands Research Park.

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