Module 3 Blog Post: Efficiency in the Digital Age

What’s up guys,


Within this module, I think the teachings and learnings will help me greatly in this upcoming semester and for the rest of my collegiate career. By far and away the most useful thing that I learned in the module was how to use Google Calendar and Google Task. I have already put in my full schedule for next semester, along with my practice schedule, and have added times and breaks for studying. The tasks really help because I can control when it will remind me and how far in advance it will give me a heads up.

Like I just said up top, I have already put that teaching to good use and plan on using it even in my daily life with work and everything else.

One thing that I would like to put into practice for the future are all of the lessons and videos about procrastination because I am definitely a procrastinator and would like to get rid of those qualities that I hold.

If I had any advice to future students in this class for this module it would be this: decode the information and absorb it, don’t just look at it all and do what is simply asked. I am saying this in reference to the Google Calendar and Tasks segment, as it would be easy to just follow along and create what was needed, and not really learn what exactly is being taught.


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