Module 6 Searching and Researching Blog Post

What’s up ladies and gents,


This week was all about doing research and finding quality articles for schoolwork. I was very happy to do this module at this time as I am writing a research paper in my ARTED Criticizing TV, so this was kind of perfect timing. I really liked learning and using the OSU library system (, as I have never really tried it out before. I normally just used EBSCOhost as my high school had access to it so I was comfortable using it and had never tried doing something else. I also really liked the little discussion post we had to do, as it the skills that we learned in the lesson be put to use.


As for the other assignment we had, I see myself using my guidebook a lot. The guidebook will be very useful this year as I have just declared my major and it will become more and more challenging as I begin to get into the upper level classes, and I see myself referring back to my guidebook when I am in need of help and something to make me focus and bring my studies together. I am very excited to have this tool in my back pocket and am excited for school to start again.


Until next week peeps,


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