Web-Enhanced Reading and Study Strategies Blog Post- Module 4

What’s up peeps,


This module has probably been the most interesting to me because it is one of the main reasons I added the course: to gain tools to help me succeed in the online classroom. The best thing I learned about was definitely the tool I discovered, which is Evernote. I had been using my iPad to take notes the entire semester, and had notability to take them on. However, I could not figure out how to make them sync onto my Mac, and if my iPad was dead there was no way for me to look over my notes. I am looking forward to the school year when I have four classes that I have every day, and having all of my devices with the notes loaded up on them. From the learning, I had also never thought about using mnemonic devices. I particularly liked the one that mentioned creating it using songs, like the “A-B-C” song. I am going to try and start integrating using that over the end of this class and my second year writing until the end of the summer, and I am definitely going to try it out when I take my science class next semester because I think that one will include a lot of memorization needed.


Well until next week, have a great day!



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