Web-Enhanced Listening and Viewing Strategies: Module 5

What’s up people, module five coming at ya!


So in this module, we learned all about note taking skills and ways to enhance the ways we take notes in the classroom and online, and this module was very interesting and helpful to me. The most useful tool that I learned in this way was the cornell style of taking notes. While I usually write notes in an outline form, but I am going to give the cornell style a shot when I get back to school. I think that it is a very interesting way to take notes, and I think the class that I am going to try it out in will be my science class this fall, weather and climate. I think that cornell notes are made for science classes, and that outline notes are perfect for more uniform classes like history and english. As for advice for any future students, it is to save the link or URL to the video that we had to watch on note taking from Indiana. It was a very interesting and helpful video, and I think that it can help anyone if they have a hard time taking notes to just go back and re watch the video to see the different styles of notes, why they are useful, and what exactly they are.


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