Why Pump Prices Haven’t Fallen As Fast As Oil (Don’t Blame Greed)

Crude oil prices have dropped dramatically since last summer. Strangely, over the same time period the price at gasoline pumps fell much less. If a barrel of oil today costs less than half what it did last summer, why hasn’t the price people pay at the pump decreased a similar amount? Continue reading

Cops May Feel the Biggest Impact from Driverless Car Revolution

Recently, the McKinsey Global Institute published an article that predicted self-driving cars will disrupt major parts of the economy. Positive numbers from the article, such as 90% of all accidents would be prevented and commuters would gain 50 minutes a day of free time were trumpeted in the news. The press also focused on industries that would be harmed by self-driving cars. The two largest industries McKinsey pointed out that would be hurt are auto insurers and auto repair shops. McKinsey, however, missed one of the key impacts of self-driving cars in their study. Self-driving cars will have a tremendous impact on police forces around the world. Continue reading

Will Flipped Classes Become Widespread In Colleges?

Recently I went to a conference that explored new ideas in teaching.  A very interesting seminar discussed “Flipped Classrooms.”  In a traditional classroom the teacher first presents the material in class.  Then students go home, review the material, and do problems and other homework that reinforce the concepts.  A flipped classrooms is the exact opposite.  Students first learn the material at home before coming to the class that present the materials.  In class the students do problems to reinforce what was learned before class time.  Continue reading