Can Eating A Burger Help Save Animals?

Last night I ate at “Ted’s Montana Grill” located in the Arena district of Columbus.  Ted’s is a small chain that has the very interesting tagline “Eat Great.  Do Good.”  The idea behind the restaurant is simple.  To save buffalo and bison in the USA from extinction people need to eat them.  By eating this relatively exotic food you are doing good for the world.  I did my part by eating two bison burgers (medium rare) for dinner.  The big question is can eating a burger (or two) help save the buffalo and bison?

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How Many are Coming to My Party or Wedding?

Have you ever given a party or planned a wedding and been stressed about ordering or cooking enough food?  If you knew exactly how many people were coming, the party would be much less stressful!  The problem is that today many people cannot or will not tell you ahead of time if they are coming.  People are so last minute in making up their minds.  Given this problem, how do you figure out weeks or days ahead of time “how many people are coming to the party” so you can tell the caterer or purchase food for the right number?

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Why Are So Many Mentally Ill People in Prison?

Today the New York Times ran an editorial that states “The New York City jail system must be redesigned to serve the growing number of inmates with mental illnesses.”  While the article points out what should be done, it doesn’t explain why there has been such growth in mentally ill inmates.

One key reason is that over the past few decades city, county and state governments in the U.S. have closed most of their psychiatric hospitals.  The graph below shows the number of psychiatric beds per 100,000 people in the USA over time.