Leadership Development

Currently I am involved in two active clubs on campus, the Undergraduate Economics Society (UES) and the Casual Sports Club. I am the treasurer of UES and a longtime member of Casual Sports Club, this means that in both settings I am often trusted with managing a group of people whether it be talking about my club, getting a gam started or coordinating purchases for a club event. I also work as a grader in the Economics department and have to proctor tests, which means that I am in charge of a room of students and have to ensure they are well informed and follow the rules.

I have had many group projects and taken on a leadership role in more than a few of those group projects. With all of this experience I have learned how to communicate with others what I expect and how to hold intercourse about what should or should not happen.

I have actually already put these skills to work in a workplace environment. Last summer I worked as an intern at Safe Auto and collaborated with the other interns to name the program. I lead the team created most of the proposed names, organizing meetings, organizing name voting and putting together the naming presentation meant to be presented to the CEO and other managers. In the end we even decided to use one of the names I suggested. I have learned how to deal with unexpected results and how to work within diverse group settings. In a business setting it is commonly expected for employees to work together, therefore these experiences have prepared me for all of the continued group work I will embark on the professional world ahead.

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