Academic Enrichment

Throughout my academic career I have prided myself on challenging myself with intense coursework. My membership in the honors college is proof enough of this. I entered college with many AP credits enabling me to take 2 minors in addition to my major. Over the course of my college time I have found a passion for data analysis, and thus I have chosen my major and minors accordingly. Economics is defined as the study of decision making, data analysis is a tool used to improve and inform the decisions we make, so majoring in economics is definitely insightful into data analysis. The data analysis techniques I will have to use are also heavily based in math, so minoring in math has given me a much deeper understanding of the techniques, rather than just letting the computer do it for me. Finally, getting the numbers right is all well and good but if you can’t communicate your insights you will not go as far as you hope in the business world. So, to better understand the business world and the expectations of analysts in the business world, I decided to add a business analytics minor as well.

I have taken honors college approved GE courses and challenging math and economics courses and have not had a single grade below an A-. My incorporation of numerous high-level courses and complementary course work show my willingness to push myself and my forethought for my future life. I have always had the drive to push myself further and Ohio State has been a great place to do that and I believe so far I have pushed myself to achieve the most I can.

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