Original Inquiry

In almost every economics class I’ve taken I have had to write a research paper; therefore, I am well-seasoned in reading economic research and writing my own. For example, I have had to write research papers in the economic format for research on the informal economy, the effectiveness of charter schools and do my own research and data analysis on the impact of geographic region on student outcomes.

However, my research experience doesn’t end here in my sociology class a classmate and I had to pick a social experiment and study it and report our findings, my partner and I studied how people interact on public transportation, having to ride the bus for about half an hour 3 separate times and collect observations. This research paper also included an extensive literature review. I plan to use the research skills I have collected in my preferred job as a data analyst. In data analysis context is key, so doing adequate research is necessary in order to fully understand the context and do a good analysis. In order to do the best I can, I have been trying to learn more coding languages to aid in doing research on things that aren’t readily available on the internet and are encoded into databases and web pages.

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