Service Engagement

As part of my graduation from high school I had to complete a total of 60 service hours for the totality of my high school career. I completed this mostly by helping young kids learn at a library summer camp. I also got involved, and I’m still involved in, helping with my neighbors’ lawn care or watching their pets when they go for vacation. Finally, I have also helped tutor other students who are struggling, which has been my main contribution to the Ohio State community in my time here.

I have helped fellow classmates and friends alike to understand concepts which they may have not completely understood. My proficiency in math and economics were of great use here. On top of this my club got involved in service by teaching financial literacy to people in the Columbus area. We worked with a local alumnus who had experience with these types of presentations and formed our own take. In the future I plan to continue to aid the community in the ways previously mentioned and to hopefully take full advantage of service opportunities sponsored by organizations I am a part of, whether that be professional or religious.

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