Language Outreach

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One of the core missions of the Language Pod is to communicate about some of the great findings in the language sciences to the general public using a variety of interactive activities. To encourage others to join our outreach efforts, we have put together materials for some of our favorite activities.  All are welcome to use our materials! Please feel free to email us with questions or comments.

See Mystery Words in action: Watch the movie!
Check out our new movie on the Parameters of ASL

Stroop Effect

This activity uses an iPad App of the Stroop task and focuses on the automaticity of reading.

Trick Sentences

This low-tech activity uses the “Moses Illusion” and focuses on top-down effects in sentence processing.

Singing Fingers

This activity uses an iPad App that provides a simple visual representation of recorded sounds.

Mystery Words

This activity teaches people about different word learning strategies used by children.  In addition to the guidelines, you may also want these pictures.