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Upcoming Events

Past Events

These events were funded in whole or in part with funds from the Arts and Sciences Study of Language Variation grant awarded to the BLN.

  • 9th Annual BLN Symposium, April 1st 2022, 12-2:30pm: a local conference including presentations by graduate and undergraduate researchers. John Ross won the graduate poster competition and Kate Kinnaird the undergraduate competition; both received $150 prizes.
  • Lisa Green, “African American English in America”
  • Kathryn Davidson, “Combining continuous and discrete components in speech, sign, and gesture”
  • BLN Spring Symposium (2019) featuring Irina Castellanos (Otolaryngology) and Christa Teston (English).
    Interested in following up on Christa’s talk?  Try this!
  • Lego Grad Student
  • Domenica Romagno, “The representation of linguistic categories in the brain: between grammatical distinctions and semantic properties”
  • Sudha Arunachalam, “How Toddlers Acquire Words that Denote Events”
  • Screening of Talking Black in America with the BLN Student Association
  • David Beaver, The University of Texas at Austin:
    “Realsemantik: finding meaning in a non-ideal world”
  • 30th North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics (NACCL-30)
  • Second Language Research Forum 2017: Growing Connections in SLR
  • 22nd Mid-Contenental Phonetics & Phonology Conference (MidPhon22)
  • OSU Congress on Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics (OSUCHiLL)
  • Current Issues and Methods in Speaker Adaptation
  • Workshop on Reference
  • The Ohio Speaks Project Workshop
  • Buckeye Language Network Symposium
  • How to Conduct Language Science Research at COSI
  • Buckeye Language Network Labs in Life Grand Opening
  • Innovations in Cantonese Linguistics
  • Understanding Language Problems in the Elderly
  • Everything You Wanted to Know about Getting a Job Outside of an R01 University, But Were Afraid to Ask