BLN Faculty

buckeye language network

Department of African American and African Studies

Lupenga MphandeSociology of Language
Horace NewsumAfrican American English

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Eric Fosler-LussierComputational Linguistics
Alan Ritter, Computational Linguistics
Wei Xu, Computational Linguistics
DeLiang WangComputational Audition

Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures

Majorie ChanChinese Linguistics
Mineharu NakayamaJapanese Linguistics
Charles QuinnEast Asian Languages
Zhiguo XieChinese Linguistics

Department of Educational Studies

Laura JusticeLanguage and literacy acquisition in children

Department of English

Gabriella ModanSociolinguistics
Beverly MossSociolinguistics/Folklore
Lauren SquiresSociolinguistics
Amy ShumanFolklore

Department of French and Italian

Janice AskiHistorical Romance Linguistics

Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures

Anna GrotansGerman Linguistics
Carmen Taleghani-NikazmConversation Analysis

Department of Linguistics

Kathryn Campbell-KiblerSociolinguistics
Cynthia ClopperPhonetics
Micha ElsnerComputational Linguistics
Erhard HinrichsComputational Linguistics
Brian JosephHistorical Linguistics
Bob LevineSyntax
Carl PollardSyntax
Andrea SimsMorphology
Shari SpeerPsycholinguistics
Judith TonhauserSemantics
Michael WhiteComputational Linguistics
Don WinfordContact/Sociolinguistics

Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures

Sam Meier

Department of Philosophy

Ben CaplanPhilosophy of Language
Abe RothPhilosophy of Language
Richard Samuels, Philosophy of Mind
Kevin Scharp, Philosophy of Mind/Cognitive Science
Timothy SchroederPhilosophy of Language
Declan SmithiesPhilosophy of Language and Mind
William TaschekPhilosophy of Language and Mind
Neil TennantLogic and Philosophy of Language

Department of Psychology

Julie Hupp, Language Acquisition
Gail McKoonPsycholinguistics
Nikole PatsonPsycholinguistics
Mark PittSpeech Perception/Spoken Word Recognition
Roger RatcliffPsycholinguistics
Vladimir SloutskyPsycholinguistics
Laura WagnerLanguage Acquisition

Department of Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures 

Daniel CollinsSlavic Linguistics
Brian JosephHistorical Linguistics
Andrea SimsMorphology

Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Anna BabelSociolinguistics, Linguistic Anthropology, Language Contact, and Andean Spanish
Rebeka Campos-AstorkizaPhonetics, Phonology
John GrinsteadLanguage Acquisition
Fernando Martinez-GilSpanish Linguistics
Terrell MorganSpanish Linguistics
Scott SchwenterSocio-pragmatics

Department of Speech and Hearing Science

Robert A FoxPhonetics
Rachael Frush HoltSpeech Perception in Development
Eric W. HealySpeech Perception in Normal and Impaired Ears
Rebecca McCauleyCommunication Disorders in Children, Phonetics
Christina M. RoupAudiology and Speech Perception
Janet VuoloDevelopmental Language Disorder, Speech Sound Disorder, and Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Department of Teaching and Learning

David BloomeInteractional Sociolinguistics / Discourse Analysis
Leslie C. MooreLanguage socialization, multilingualism, language learning, & language teaching
Peter M. Sayer, Applied linguistics, Educational sociolinguistics

Emeritus/Emerita Faculty

Mary Beckman, Phonetics, Language Acquisition
Catherine Callaghan, Department of Linguistics, Anthropology
Kathryn A. Corl, Dept of Germanic Languages and Literatures
David Dowty, Department of Linguistics, Semantics
Marcia Farr, College of Education and Human Ecology, Department of English, College of Humanities, Sociolinguistics, Linguistic Anthropology
Charles Gribble, Dept. of Slavic & East European Lang. and Cultures, Slavic Linguistics
Neil Jacobs, Dept. of Germanic Languages and Literature, Historical Linguistics
Terence Odlin, Department of English, Lang. Contact/Second Language Acquisition
Wayne Redenbarger, Dept. Spanish and Portuguese, Morphology
Craige Roberts, Semantics/Pragmatics
Marshall Unger, Dept of East Asian Languages and Literatures, Historical Linguistics
Dieter Wanner, Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese, Historical Romance Linguistics
Amy Zaharlick, Department of Anthropology, Linguistic Anthropology