Welcome to the Society for Women in Physics at Ohio State!


Women are under-represented in physics at both the undergraduate and graduate level. The Society for Women in Physics (SWiP) creates a space for women in the physics community at Ohio State to support each other, to address relevant issues, and reach out to others.

SWiP will provide avenues for support for undergraduate and graduate women in the Ohio State physics community. It also will work to create a positive, supportive culture in the Physics Department and reach out beyond the Physics Department. It will hold bimonthly meetings which will include conversations about issues faced by women. We will also hold semesterly talks with women physicists about either their research or the experience of being a woman in physics. The society is aimed at undergraduate and graduate women in the Physics Department, but all are welcome.


President: Kirsten Casey (she/her) – casey.395@osu.edu
Kirsten is a third year graduate student in the Physics Department. She grew up in Sparks, Nevada and got her B.S. in Physics at the University of Nevada – Reno in 2016. She’s been passionate about astronomy since she was little and now studies dwarf galaxies and their dark matter halos with Prof. Annika Peter. In her free time she likes to ice-skate, play D&D and board games, and show off pictures of her beautiful cat, Bonnie.

Vice-President: Huma Yusuf (she/her) – yusuf.69@osu.edu
Huma earned B.A. in Physics and Music from Mount Holyoke College in 2015. She is currently a post-candidacy graduate research assistant at the Ohio State University, working in Professor Ezekiel Johnston-Halperin’s research group. Her research focuses on understanding magnetic properties of organic-based ferrimagnet V[TCNE]x conducive to applications in quantum information science and technology.

Treasurer: Prerna Kabtiyal (she/her) – kabtiyal.1@osu.ed
Prerna is a graduate student in the Physics department at Ohio State University (OSU) pursuing her PhD in experimental condensed matter physics. She obtained an undergraduate degree in Physics from Delhi University, India followed by a Master of Science in Physics from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. She joined OSU as a graduate student in 2015 and is currently studying plasmonic and magnetic interactions through optical trapping of nanoparticles. In her free time, she likes to go on long walks, watch inspirational movies and have long conversations with friends.

Secretary: Donley Cormode (she/her) – cormode.1@osu.edu
Donley Cormode is a second year graduate student. She is from southern California and attended Seattle Pacific University for undergrad. She does condensed matter experiment research with Zeke Johnston-Halperin. In her spare time, Donley likes to bake and read.

Social Chairperson: Lauren Ennesser (she/her) – ennesser.1@osu.edu
Lauren is a 3rd year graduate working in cosmology with Paul Martini, studying baryon acoustic oscillations (BAOs). She graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2008 (BA, Computer Animation), and University of Illinois – Chicago in 2017 (BS, Physics). In her copious free time, she ice skates and plays with her extremely energetic cat, Wally.

Administrative Support: Crystal Moloney (she/her)