Welcome to the Society for Women in Physics at Ohio State!


Women and nonbinary people are under-represented in physics at both the undergraduate and graduate level of education. The Society for Women in Physics (SWiP) creates a space for gender minorities in the physics community at Ohio State to support each other, address relevant issues, and reach out to others.

SWiP provides avenues for support for undergraduate and graduate women and nonbinary people in the Ohio State physics community. We aim to create a positive, supportive culture in the OSU Physics Department and work to extend this to other spaces. SWiP holds monthly meetings which often include conversations about issues faced by gender minorities. We also host talks with women and nonbinary physicists about either their research or the experience of being a gender minority in physics. This organization is aimed at undergraduate and graduate women and nonbinary people in the Physics Department, but all are welcome.


President: Lauren Keyes (she/her)

Lauren is a fifth-year physics PhD student in the Randeria Group at OSU. Her research involves applying semiclassical techniques to characterize electron dynamics in chiral magnets. In addition, she has used neural networks to develop a state of the art technique for numerical analytic continuation. Lauren believes that it is important to give back to the community, which is why she has been an undergraduate mentor in OSU Polaris and spent two years on the Physics Graduate Student Council organizing social and professional development events for physics grad students. In her free time, she likes to dance ballet and cycle.


Vice-President: Hannah Lyons (she/her)

Hannah is a third-year undergraduate student from Westerville, Ohio. She is studying Engineering Physics with a concentration in Computer Science and a double major in Math. She is interested in programming, artificial intelligence, and spacecraft. Along with SWiP, Hannah is involved in organizations for women in engineering, and also works as a math TA. In her free time, Hannah loves to bake, play tennis and pickleball, plan events with friends, and try new restaurants around the area.


Treasurer: Zhihan Li (she/her)

Zhihan is a third-year graduate student working in Dr. Jay Gupta’s condensed matter experimental group. She works with scanning tunneling microscope on light-matter interaction of materials. She is originally from Shandong, China. She does archery, aerial photography, and hiking in her spare time and is one part of OSU archery club. 


Secretary: Poulomi Chakraborty (she/her)

Poulomi is a third-year physics graduate student working in theoretical condensed matter physics with Prof. Brian Skinner. She is from West Bengal, India, and received her Bachelor’ and Master’s degrees from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Other than physics, Poulomi’s interests include books (mainly classics and fiction), traveling to new places, learning new languages, and exploring museums. As an extrovert, she loves hanging out with friends and is up for an exciting conversation anytime.


Outreach Chair: Aaliyah Julius (she/her)

Aaliyah Julius is a fourth-year undergraduate student with a major in engineering physics. She currently is part of Dr. Ezekiel Johnston-Halperin’s research group and designs structures to secure equipment inside the gloveboxes in addition to learning about spectroscopy. When not wondering about electrons, she likes to spend her free time reading, inline skating, and taking walks around campus.


Administrative Support: Crystal Moloney (she/her)