Prof. Development Fridays!

Join us for an informal dinner with Anna Merkle to discuss how she transitioned from academia to industry.

Anna has her Ph.D. in Chemistry from University of Michigan and is working on her MBA at OSU.

Please RSVP for dinner below:

RSVP for Dinner with Anna Merkle. Fri. July 8 5:30pm PRB 4138

RSVP for luncheon with Profs. Jim Beatty and Amy Connolly on Seeking dual careers in academia

On Friday, April 29, 2016, SWiP will be hosting a luncheon with physics professors from the department Jim Beatty and Amy Connolly. Both are married to a fellow academic (in physics and outside of physics) at Ohio State. They’ll discuss how they handled the job market in the search of two coinciding academic jobs (a common scenario in the so-called “two-body problem”). Please RSVP by Wednesday, April 27th if you would like to receive lunch! If you miss the deadline, feel free to bring a lunch and attend the discussion. We hope to see you there!


SWiP Chip Chat: Weekly Meetup!

SWiP will start holding weekly, casual meetups to foster community and discuss plans more efficiently – we’re calling them SWiP Chip Chats (for the snack we have in abundance right now). Currently, we’re having them on Thursdays at 4 pm in 1136 PRB. Each month, one of the time spots will be converted to a formal SWiP general meeting.

Hope you can stop by!


Graphing Calculator Funding Success!

SWIP recently helped fund-raise money to provide graphing calculators to local high school student and the project was a success!


























Learn more about the project and outcome here



SWIP & WIMS luncheon with Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein Post-discussion Survey

Thank you to Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein and everyone who joined the luncheon on Nov 10th, for the valuable discussions generated. We would love to put up a summary, list of resources and have your comments on the event so please give us your feedback and let us know of resources or other information you would like to see on the SWIP website. Thank you all!