STAR Lab Mission / Policy


The Service Testing And Research Laboratory (STAR) is a research oriented analytical laboratory. The STAR Lab’s purpose is to provide inorganic chemical analysis needed by researchers. The STAR Lab is intended as a service lab for The Ohio State University researchers and collaborators. We are not equipped to process individual samples from the general public. We also analyze samples for researchers at other institutions, but it is our policy to give priority to samples that are directly associated with Ohio State University research projects. All samples submitted by non-university research projects will be analyzed in a timely manner with results provided after payment is received.  STAR Lab performs most standard or generally accepted soil, plant, water, and compost analysis. We also cooperate with individual researchers to provide the sample analysis that they deem necessary while working within the constraints of our instrumentation and facilities.

Accuracy and precision in sample analysis is our goal.  Speed of sample analysis as well as efficient data transferred is also important. We prefer to use electronic data transfer whenever possible. We analyze samples on a “First Come – First Serve” basis.  When possible, please number your samples consecutively or submit a list of sample numbers so we can verify your sample numbers. Sequential numbering of samples makes record keeping much quicker and easier while decreasing the bookkeeping errors and unintentional bias on analysis.

Sample preparation is time consuming and slows the sample analysis process. Individual projects can reduce costs and turn around time by preparing their own samples. Any samples not properly prepared prior to submission will be charged the sample preparation fee. When the samples are prepared by each project, it allows STAR Lab to concentrate on sample analysis. If there are any questions concerning proper sample preparation please contact us for instructions.


Steps for submitting samples:

1) Sample preparation: If possible prepare samples for analysis.  When STAR Lab has to process your samples a sample prep fee will be charged and turn around times increased.
2) Sample Analysis Request form. Each set of samples must have a completed form. Your correct information will assure prompt delivery of results.
3) Payment of analysis fees: All OSU samples submitted must be accompanied by an approved OSU eRequest Form for payment of sample analysis fees. Non-OSU samples will be invoiced at 1.5 times the OSU fee and sample analysis data will not be sent out until payment is arranged.
4) Samples should be securely packaged and delivered to or sent to:

123A Williams Hall
1680 Madison Ave.
Wooster, Ohio 44691


Contact Sunny Park at: 330-263-3683 or: park.701@osu.edu