The Service Testing And Research Laboratory is a research oriented analytical laboratory. The STAR Lab’s purpose is to provide inorganic chemical analysis needed by researchers at The Ohio State University.


As a COVID safety measure, we are asking to make a pre-arrangement for any sample submission. Please contact the manager to set-up a date/time for sample drop-off.

Steps for submitting samples:

You can review list of sample analysis offered and fees here. Fee schedule

1)  Sample preparation: If possible prepare samples for analysis.  When STAR Lab has to process your samples a sample prep fee will be charged and turn around times increased.
2)  Sample submission form: Each set of samples must have a completed form. Your correct information will assure prompt delivery of results.
3) Payment of analysis fees: All OSU samples submitted must be accompanied by an approved OSU eRequest Form for payment of sample analysis fees.Non-OSU samples will be invoiced at 1.5 times the OSU fee and sample analysis data will not be sent out until payment is arranged.
4) Samples should be securely packaged and delivered to or sent to:

123A Williams Hall
1680 Madison Ave.
Wooster, Ohio 44691


For questions and sample submission,



Directions to Williams Hall